How to use Snapchat as a Rapper

How to use Snapchat as a Rapper .

So we’ve all heard of snapchat. Some of us are using it religiously and some dont. Fact is though that Snapchat is the next big socialmedia especially for 2016.

You as an artist need to market what you do. You have to let people know. Make them excited. To do this you need to be where peoples attention is.

In the last year their attention went from twitter facebook & Youtube more and more to instagram and snapchat. People like Dj Khaled are already capitalizing on this fact so hop on the train now and dont miss out on your potential fanbase.

Im assuming you are familiar with how to use snapchat if not check out this video here.

So lets crack into some quick tipps on how you can use Snapchat to boost your fanbase.

How To use your Snapchat

  1. Show it how it really is.

    The big thing about snapchat is its autenticity. People see who you are. You cant edit away and hide the reality of your day. And thats just fine. Your fans&future fans will appreciate that they see you how they have never seen you before. Raw and real,without the glitter and gold.

  1. Think of what interests your audience.

    Make snaps of what your audience signed up for. Let them see parts of your day but also let them know your proffessional side. Film snaps of your gigs, your time in the studio going hard at your craft. Tell them what you are thinking, what you are doing and what they can expect from you. Creating valuable content is key. If you are a rapper, People want to see you rap to them, speak to them, freestyle to them. If you produce beats, they want to see you in the studio cooking up some heat.

  2. Post Stories and update them regularly.

    Snapchat is all about the story that you tell. You got to post alot. Not necessarylie a lot of the same thing but every scene should picture a part of your day. You can use snapchat as an outlet to engage with your fans

How to gain fans on snapchat

  1. Tell them

    Its simple In order to get more followers on snapchat you got to tell people that they can find you on snapchat! From there you go ahead and put your snapchat username where your fans usually consume your content. This could be for example on the end of your videos, in the descriptions of your videos, On your facebook, in your instagram bio.

    A really good tipp is to take a screenshot of your snapcode ( like this : Picture of snapcode) And use it as your facebook profile picture so that people can scan it and put it as a post on your instagram and tumblr.

  2. Give them an incentive to follow you


    You have to tell your fans why they should follow you. If you are a rapper give them exclusive acess to a song, free mixtape, ep or shoot them a personal freestyle including their name !

    If you make beats give away free beats and send them the download link via snapchat. Its a great way to engage with your fans/customers 1on1 and gain influence in their lives.

The Bottom line is, go on snapchat now and just start. Take action and dont miss out on it. Remember when facebook was lame and just 12 year old did it ? now grandmas have it, its going to happen to snapchat now.

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Hip Hop 4 Hope

Hip Hop 4 Hope.

A little background to this video.

About two years ago a dude in my home town who is a dancer and film maker started a chartity project called hip hop 4 hope.

The idea was to start hip hop dance events and sell merch to help children in the slums of manila (philippines ) Learn dancing.

Its funny to watch him doing little dancebattles in my german hometown freiburg to now getting shoutouts from dj premier, KRS one , Les Twins and being featured on Yak Films with his project.

Its great what hip hop can do if it is combined with great intentions and a strong will.

Just wanted to share this and the thought of what hip hop really is about, In all its forms of today it still is a culture that connects people to spread love and express themselves. An outlet for emotions and a thing to dive deep into.



Music “Parasol” By Tismé Hip Hop 4 Hope uses Hip Hop as a tool to uplift young kids in the Slum areas of Manila 

How to overcome resistance and get shit done.

OK so here you are now.

You got a Dream you pursue a Passion you follow and Goals to achieve.

But hold on why are you still in the same place youve been half a year ago ?

The answer is simple. Resistance.

As steven pressfield talks about in his book resistance is holding us back from achieving what we deserve to achieve.

How to overcome resistance and get shit done.

You deserve to live the life you want. You deserve to have loving fans who support you and who appreciate you for who you are. You deserve to have a kickass girl in your life. You deserve to become famous and successfull as an artist. But the price you pay is comfort. You leave the comfort of resistance behind and move on to bigger things. You figure out what that task is youve been putting off and you execute. Resistance and execution are like the devil and the angel on your shoulder. One wants you to succeed and one wants you to feel comfortable.

You can be whatever you want to be. No one is holding you back. In fact. thats a lie. Because YOU are holding yourself back. You sell yourself short because you have the belief that you cant make it so why even bother starting ?

But believe me there is a sunny side on the and of this creepy forrest. But in order to see it you gotta overcome your resistance.


Ok so what are some steps you can Take TODAY to overcome resistance and crush it.

1.Find out what you truly want. And what you have been putting off.

What is it that you truly want ? what have you been dreaming about but never had the nuts to actually execute it ? what should you be doing right now ? Answering these questions is hard but necessary to overcome that fucking resistance. Make it a point to figure out what you are resisting and admit that you’ve been putting it on hold.

2. Write down 5 Things that if executed would make your Dreams come True or make you get closer to them.


Pick your top 5 things and execute one of them right now. If you are a Rapper. Upload a song, Create an instagram account.  Put together a Mix tape plan and make the first song of that tape. Plan your first gig. Rent out a small venue and perform in front of your friends. Do whatever it takes and take one step right now.

3. Be aware of resistance that occurs and watch it.


Its like meditation( which i highly recommend BTW ). When you think about what you really would love doing for a living the first thing that will manifest is usually resistance. It manifests in form of Excuses, wrong beliefs or negative emotions. Sometimes even Distraction.

Your dreams become less important and your reality morphs into this weird fucking lie fest.

Stop that.

You are enough. You can become whoever you want to be. Its the resistance that is stopping you because it wants to protect you from putting in effort into something that might not work out.

Please don’t give into that. The world needs your gift. It needs your like jay z says – “Genius level talent ” is within you and you know what it is. Take of the chains and start releasing the beast .


-Phil aka. Spartn


Why Hip Hop Dancing is Therapeutic

Hello Fellas.

Its another day and im going to talk about hip hop dancing.

In essence Dancing in a freestyle circle is like stripping naked infront of someone. You feel judged. You feel watched.

The art of freestyle dancing is less about impressing and more about mastering the art of not giving a f+@k.

Once you get in your head you will loose the beat. You might even hit the beat perfectly but you wont FEEL it. ITs incredible. Freestyle dancing is like meditation. It calms you. It gives you confidence. It makes you break free from your chains of conditioning.

A friend of me From my hometown in Germany ( Freiburg ) Made an awesome Movie about KRUMP. A style of dancing that is very expressive and less focused on aestatics and more on projecting and expressing your energy,

Here is The movie : The art of Krump by KAIZENPICTURES

Living in Sydney


So im Back in Sydney. I came To Australia a Year ago and Stayed in Melbourne alot.

Sydney got its own flair and its own groove. I always say its like the New York of australia while Melbourne is more like The San Fran and Gold Coast like Miami.


This Weeks blog is In Video form. If you are interested in Moving To Sydney check it out.


Move where your Passion is

So now you  grew up. You have an own income. You have a passion. And you want to move.

But where should you move ? And How to move where your passion is ?

Its simple. Move where people are that share your passion.

If you have a passion and want to be successfull it all comes down to your efforts. Yet in order to get good at shit fast, you will have to find people interested in the same thing as you .

Thats why we Move. We move away from home and into the heart of our passion. Where the people are that make the apps. Where the people are who make the music.

If you are an music artist dont be afraid to go work overseas. Check out New York, London, LA , Oakland, Berlin , Melbourne, Toronto. Most of the time you will be able to get a working holiday visa that gives you a year in which you are allowed to stay and work.

You can get working visas for Canada , Australia or New Zealand. All other visa informations are on the web for example germany :

If you cant move that far away ( which is easiely possible ) Move to the next bigger city and go out to meet people. Be proactive. Search people who share your dream, share your passion. And work together to grow stronger and better.

The internet enables you to even do that from home until youll be able to move. Go on twitter and facebook and network with people in your industry do some collaborations and move forward.


Helpfull resources to Move : – Checks for the cheapest flights – Find roomshares or Flatshares – Find Jobs or anything else ( Basically like craigslist but less sketchy )

Peace out.


3 Tipps How to make your Youtube Channel look Pretty

1 . Change your Channel Navigation ( Click on Image Below )

Tipps How to make your Youtube Channel look Pretty

Tipps How to making your Youtube Channel look Pretty Infographic

2 .Get A custom Banner and Profile picture

Tipps How to make your Youtube Channel look Pretty

Tipps how to make your youtube channel look pretty
use a custom banner to pimp your youtube channel

This is important for people to recognize you.

If you are good with photoshop you can do this yourself. Or just type in Youtube ” Free Youtube banner “

if not Go visit And get a logo done for 5 bucks. Great site.300x300

3. Add Playlists

Tipps How to make your Youtube Channel look Pretty

Tipps How to making your Youtube Channel look Pretty

Playlists Make it easier to navigate on your channel and they get searched on youtube aswell that means they boost your views.



I hope you enjoyed these Tipps How to make your Youtube Channel look Pretty

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So Now go ahead and Make your channel look pretty 🙂